The High Side of Entertainment

CanEmpire specializes in providing experiences shaped for cannabis enthusiasts with a variety of products and services each more unique than the others.

As a pioneer in the field of cannabis-friendly entertainment in Canada, the company has revealed many projects to the public since its establishment, including those presented at the bottom of this page.

A panoply of new achievements awaits CanEmpire in the years to come! It is with a very broad vision that the company will continue to develop innovative ideas that play a key role in eliminating the stigma surrounding cannabis.

  • CanDrinks

    First Canadian book of cannabis-infused cocktail and mocktail recipes, created in collaboration with Quebec mixologist Alex Vallieres.

  • The Ultimate CanGame

    The ultimate stoner card game that will get you and your buddies fully oxygenated!

  • CanArt

    CanArt is CanEmpire's showcase of cannabis-inspired art, enriching your world with creativity and culture.

  • CanEvents

    Educational or recreational events organized by CanEmpire to educate about cannabis and provide the community with events close to cannabis culture.